Redeemed: Grace to Live Every Day Better than Before

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redeemedI spent some time this week with a new study from Angela Thomas-Pharr and LifeWay that I think you may want to take a look at. Redeemed: Grace to Live Every Day Better Than Before explores the practical side of redemption and what it means to experience the grace to live every day better than before.

DVD-driven, Redeemed is a 7 session study featuring the teaching of Angela Thomas-Pharr. Angela is a Bible teacher, national speaker, and best-selling author of books and Bible studies. Each video segment is about 35 minutes in length and carried off well by Thomas’ spunky southern accent and vibe.

The Bible study book includes several of the normal ingredients. A video-viewing guide (to help members keep up with the teaching on the video), discussion questions (found in the Leader Guide portion of the member book), and daily homework (a 40 days of prayer experience). The discussion questions are written to help members wrestle with what they’re learning. The daily homework is designed to take members deeply into the Book of Psalms and pray consistently for 40 days.

If you’re looking for a Bible study that will help your members develop their prayer life and experience the kind of genuine change God wants for all of us, Redeemed is a study you ought to take a look at. Although this topic may not attract everyone, those who do participate will have the kind of life-changing experience they need to have to truly become the people God made them to be.

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