Review: Dare to Be Uncommon

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New from Group, Dare to Be Uncommon: Discovering How to Impact Your World, is a new men’s Bible study that is definitely worth a look.  Featuring Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy, this DVD-driven study will be of immediate appeal.  Dungy has great name recognition and is well-known to be both a winner and a Christian.  This will get the attention of the men in your congregation.

In addition to the individual study guide, the Leader’s Pack includes DVD, study guide and Surprisingly Simple (a leader resource with tips and ideas on engaging adults in discussion).

Each session includes a short DVD segment featuring Dungy talking about the people and events that shaped him.  These segments have the feel of the answers to interview questions and help set up topics that have immediate application.

  • Developing Uncommon Character Inside and Out
  • The Uncommon Power of Putting Others First
  • Becoming an Uncommon Friend and Brother
  • Making an Uncommon Difference in God’s Kingdom
  • Finding an Uncommon Purpose and Plan
  • Using Your Uncommon Gifts for God’s Glory
  • Building on the Foundation for an Uncommon Life

The study is easy to use and each session includes a variety of activities.  More than a collection of questions, the session plan is a combination of readings, surveys, trivia (with answers in the back), fill in the blanks, DVD segments, and discussion questions.

Although it is not essential, this study is a great companion to Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance, Dungy’s best-selling autobiography.  Each session in Dare to Be Uncommon features an optional reading assignment from the book.  An additional resource that could serve as a powerful kickoff event is an Uncommon Event (a DVD kit that can be used as a kickoff or finale to the study).

If you’re looking for small group studies that the men in your congregation will be attracted to, this is a great selection.   Dungy’s name is so well known, this study will have immediate appeal and could easily serve as a launching event for a men’s small group strategy.

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