Review: Jesus Prom: Life Gets Fun When You Love People Like Jesus Does

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Jesus PromHad the opportunity to preview a new study from Jon Weece and Thomas Nelson.  Weece is the Lead Follower at Southland Christian Church–a community of fourteen thousand Jesus followers in Central Kentucky.

Jesus Prom: Life Gets Fun When You Love People Like Jesus Does is a powerful study that might have slipped under your radar.  The unusual name comes from an party “that Southland throws every year for the disabled, handicapped, and mentally ill.”  At the essence of Jesus Prom is the the powerful idea that the church is not a place you go but “a kind of community we are.”  Further, six different verbs are explored (love, be, see, dance, give, and remember), “not ideas but invitations.”

DVD-driven, each session features the dynamic teaching of Jon Weece reinforced by a powerful testimony from someone from Southland whose life has been changed.  At a average length of 19 minutes, the video segments will hold attention spans very well.

The study guide is easy to use.  Each session begins with a checking-in opportunity; a set of questions that prime the pump of discussion.  Every session also includes a substantial  reading from a passage of scripture.  A simple viewing guide is followed by a set of well-written discussion questions that will help members wrestle with the key ideas in the teaching.

The study guide also includes a “be the church” section in every session that takes the teaching another step toward application.  Very creatively designed, there is a hands-on feel to the design of these activities.  You’ll also find between sessions content that will help every member move principles from head to heart.  Included in the between sessions content is a reading guide that will guide members through Weece’s book by the same name.

I like what Jesus Prom does!  Focusing on the actions of a kind of community, this study might be just the ticket for many of our groups.  Coupled with intentionality, this study could be a game changer for many.  I like this study and I think you will too.

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