Review: One.Life by Scot McKnight

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Sometimes I get caught up in strategy and grouplife implementation and find myself feeling dry and thirsty.  When that happens, I need a certain kind of book.  One that takes me straight into the path of Jesus.  If you’re like me, you need that kind of book from time to time, too.

One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow by Scot McKnight is that kind of book.  Much like The Jesus Creed, One.Life takes you right into the heart of Jesus’ teaching.  Interwoven with the contemporary responses of McKnight’s university students, you’ll find yourself wrestling with what Jesus taught, with Jesus’ actions and words.

In addition to its role as a personal refresher, I also found that One.Life provides a set of truths about the kind of life Jesus calls us to live.  This is important (and makes One.Life a helpful grouplife resource) because as we think about the kind of people (disciples) we’re trying to produce, we all want to develop small group ministries that are about more than connecting.

If the answer to the question, “What is a Christian?” is “Someone who follows Jesus,” it will be essential to know where Jesus is going and how to follow.  You’ll find that path in One.Life.  You’ll also get a close look (that in some cases will be a painfully revealing look) at the ways we’ve slipped off the path and settled for a life that only bears a surface resemblance of the kind of Kingdom life we’re called to live.

As I’m challenged to move in the direction of the Next Christians, One.Life provides further insight on the life that truly imitates the life that Jesus lived…and calls us to follow.

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