Review: Triple-Threat Leadership E-Book

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Do you know your leadership style?  Do you know what your default leadership style is?  That is, do you know yourself well enough to know what you do best without really working at it?  Got that figured out?

Alan Danielson’s Triple-Threat Leadership E-Book posits that there are three essential skills in the leadership realm:

  • the ability to cast vision
  • the ability to create strategy
  • the ability to foster relationships

Not only are there three essential skills, but most leaders “have some natural talent with one or two of these skills.”  And, Alan goes on to say, “becoming capable in all three will make you a more competent and well-rounded leader, the result of which is always long-term success (p. 4).”

So far so good.  Do you know what your natural strength is?  I have to confess, I looked it over and felt like I probably had a good idea, based on my experience.  After I took the assessment?  I was close…but missed a pretty important insight.  What was it?  You’ll have to take the assessment for yourself to see.

Of course, like most good analysis, there’s another side to this.  Acquiring an accurate sense of your strengths can also provide a deepened awareness of your weaknesses (or the areas you need to develop).  Do you know where you’re weak?  More importantly, are you taking steps to acquire the skill sets that will help you build long-term success?

I like the fact the Triple-Threat Leadership E-Book stirs up this conversation.  That the assessment is included is really important.  In the same way that Marcus Buckingham’s Now Discover Your Strengths, I think you’ll come away with a language that will creates some great conversation (especially if your team takes the assessment) and the potential for some powerful next steps.

At 32 pages including the assessment, it’s a short, insight packed read.  You can read it in an hour.  If you act on what you learn, you’ll be wrestling with it long after you finish and file it away.  In fact, it just might mark the beginning of an eye-opening self awareness that will really make a difference.

The best news?  For a limited time you can save 10% on your purchase by entering the code markhowell.  You can download your copy right here.  I think you’ll see yourself a little more completely.  If you’re a learner…that’s all it takes.  One insight leads to one next step and that leads to a gain in effectiveness.  You’ve got to like that!

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