Rick Warren on Innovation

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Someone was asking me earlier this week what I wanted my title to be.  I said, “Disruptor of the Status Quo.”  I love Gary Hamel’s fabulous line that to really be about innovation:

“You’re going to have to cross swords with innovation’s deadliest foe: the often unarticulated and mostly unexamined beliefs that tether you and your colleagues to the management status quo.  All of us are held hostage by our axiomatic beliefs.  We are jailbirds incarcerated within the fortress of dogma and precedent.  And yet, for the most part, we are oblivious to our own captivity (p. 126, The Future of Management).”

I also really loved this Rick Warren talk from TEDxOrangeCoast.  If you’re paying attention, you’ll pick up some key aspects that really do explain how Saddleback has come up with the innovative ideas that have had such an impact on the way ministry happens.  Like all TED talks, it’s about 20 minutes long.  It is definitely worth a listen.

Can’t see the video? Here’s the link to view it: The 8 Nations of Innovation

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