Saddleback’s Not-So-Secret Strategy of Launching New Groups in Waves

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waveWhat is Saddleback's not-so-secret strategy of launching new groups in waves? I think you already know what it is, but before I reveal the mystery, I just want to point out several features of the strategy:

First, the strategy really does launch groups in waves. This is significant because if you want to reach the point where you have more adults in groups than you do at your weekend service(s), you must understand that you cannot get from 25% of adults in groups to 100% or more by starting a new group every now and then. You must start them fast enough to more than just replace the groups that run their course and come to an end.

Second, they've been using this strategy on at least an annual basis for many years. This is an important understanding. Launching new groups in a wave once (or even once in a while) will not get it done. Launching new groups in waves comes with the knowledge that only a certain percentage of the new groups will continue to meet beyond the launching study (for example, 40 Days of Purpose or Transformed). This really is a wash, rinse and repeat strategy that must be applied regularly to succeed to the level we are talking about.

Third, they've consistently tweaked the strategy to optimize less-than-ideal outcomes. They've fine-tuned everything from when they begin promoting the upcoming series, to when to hold the series, to who can be a leader, to how they recruit leaders, and how they encourage and develop leaders. Although they've been using this strategy on at least an annual basis for many years, they really never done it exactly the same way twice. Every time Saddleback uses the strategy they are evaluating and looking for ways to optimize what worked, problems that could be solved minimized, or opportunities that were missed.

Of course, you know the strategy they use is an annual church-wide campaign. When it's done well, it launches groups in waves.

It is the reason Saddleback has way more than 100% of their average adult weekend worship attendance in groups (they had as high as about 140%).

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