Simplicity: A Spiritual Formation Resource from Mindy Caliguire

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The integration of spiritual formation practices into small group curriculum is one of the most important current grouplife trends.  This is easily spotted in many mainstream studies like Lifetogether’s Doing Life Together series or Zondervan’s Pursuing Spiritual Transformation.

There is a related trend in the increased publication of materials that are specifically designed to be used in spiritual formation (whether individually or as a group experience).

Simplicity by Mindy Caliguire is a good example of this kind of resource.  Divided into four experiences (Seeking Simplicity, Dealing with Duplicity, Moving toward Simplicity, and Simplicity as a Way of Life), each of the experiences is made up of five distinct parts, the first four of which can be used as preparation for a discussion with a group or another individual.

I found the integration of scripture and personal questions in each of the segments a genuinely thought-provoking experience .  Not the stuff of entry level, this will provide the kind of reflection that can serve to draw group members into a more meaningful commitment to each other and to the life of a fully devoted Christ follower.

It’s important to point out that Simplicity (like the other books in this series) are very simply designed.  This study can be done by an individual, along with an accountability partner, or with a group.  No leader is necessary.  It’s very practically laid out and would be easy for a group to take turns facilitating.

In addition to Simplicity, other available titles include Discovering Soul Care, Spiritual Friendship, and Soul Searching.  If you’re looking for resources to add to your recommended list for spiritual formation, these are four good additions.

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