Skill Training: Learn to Celebrate What God is Doing in Your Group

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Whether you’re finishing a challenging study, coming to the end of a semester, or completing an outreach or mission project…celebration ought to be part of the culture of your group.

It’s important to build a culture of celebration for at least three reasons:

First, if the journey your group is on on is about life-change…you’re definitely going to want to acknowledge the spiritual steps your members are taking.  Second, discipleship really is a team sport.  When group members take important steps, it’s very common for several members to have played key roles in praying for, encouraging and challenging.  Finally, what gets celebrated gets repeated.

What are some ways you can incorporate celebration into your group?  Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Set aside a group meeting just to revel in completing a season together.  Include a meal together.  Instead of finishing a study and immediately beginning another, take the time to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve been challenged.  Most importantly, take the time to recognize steps that your members have taken.
  2. Get everyone involved.  Celebrating is infectious.  Don’t forget to get as many of your members involved in the celebration as possible.  Give them an opportunity to prepare.  Ask everyone to bring a note or card.
  3. Celebration is an opportunity for a little extravagance.  If there’s a moment when it makes sense to go all out…it’s when you’ve got something to celebrate!  How can you make the celebration a memorable moment?  What memento can you include that will become a cherished keepsake?
  4. Affirmation is an important ingredient for every group.  Asking group members to acknowledge each other’s growth is a powerful ingredient to group experience.  Simply saying, “Let’s take a moment and share with Bob one thing that you see God doing in his life.”
  5. Never miss the chance to celebrate any spiritual step.  Commitment to Christ.  Baptism.  Returning from a mission trip.  These are just a few opportunities to celebrate.  Take pictures and frame them.  Buy cards and have everyone write a note.  Pitch in and buy a Bible for certain steps.  Write notes affirming members who make commitments.

What do you think?  Have a practice to add?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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