FAQ: How Do You Lead a Small Group Connection in a Smaller Context?

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FAQ- How Do You LeadI get questions. A LOT of questions. This one didn’t come directly to me, but came instead from someone over on the Small Group Network Facebook page.  No matter. It was a great question and I wanted to answer it in a way that would help you too!

Here’s the question:

Has anyone done a connection event in a small context? I’m planning for a turnout of about 30(?)…but what happens if 8 people show up and they are from all over the city? Any advice for do’s or don’ts for the leader identification portion of the event?

Here’s my answer:

I’ve been using the small group connection strategy since 1999 or 2000 and have used the connection strategy with as many as 350 and as few as 15 to 20. Several things can help your connection be as effective as possible:

  1. Make sure you’ve done everything possible to get as many there as you can (i.e., send a reminder email 2 or 3 days prior, make a quick reminder phone call the morning before, and announce the connection in your services that day).
  2. Emphasize the idea that it’s really a 6 week test drive. “Your first try at connecting may not end up being the group you can really stick with. Sometimes it takes more than one try to end up with the group that can help you belong and become.”
  3. When you have a smaller turnout, be ready to call an audible (actually be ready regardless of the size of your turnout). For example, instead of forming a group for married couples, it might be a mixed group. Or when only one man shows up wanting to connect with a men’s group, you might simply take his name and connect him with an existing men’s group.
  4. Finally, just be flexible. After praying hard for God’s help, you can only do what you can do.

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