Small Group Life — Lifeway’s Engaging and Affordable Curriculum Line

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I wrote about Lifeway’s Small Group Life curriculum series a while back when it was a new product. Now entering its second year, the series offers a number of key advantages:

  • Affordable pricing (a full year’s curriculum can cost as little as $14 per person)
  • Subscription model similar to that of a Sunday School quarterly
  • Easy preparation
  • Each study can be used as a 6 or a 12 week study (each session is designed to be divided into two)
  • Free downloadable lesson ideas for kids
  • Free downloadable videos for each session online
  • Leader’s Notes are embedded in each study and Leader’s Guide is included in every study guide
  • Family devotional ideas are included

The study guides in the series are called episodes and are part of a year-long pattern that follows Lifeway’s adult ministry strategy of connect, grow, serve, and go.

Barbarians, the fall 2010 offering, is a good example of the engaging nature of the series.  Based on the idea that “over the past two thousand years, Christianity has moved away from its renegade roots to something more comfortable–housetrained conformists who have grown soft through carefully constructed lives veiled with the order of the routine and the mundane,” this study is designed to help group members take steps back into the passionate self-abandonment of the original tribe.

Barbarians’ 6 thematic topics are:

  • The Barbarian Creed
  • Jesus the Barbarian
  • Beat of the Barbarian Heart
  • The Barbarian Call to Action
  • Barbarian Blind Spots
  • The Barbarian in Community

Barbarians is an engaging study and part of a sustainable model.  If you’re looking for a reliable curriculum to give your groups access to, this is a product you’ll want to check out.  You can find out more right here.

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