Social Distancing + Need to Belong = Opportunity

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How are you handling the effects of the coronavirus personally?

I don't mean the virus itself.

I mean the interpersonal effects of the virus.

The speed at which things are changing has been a shock to western culture. No doubt it has had a similar effect on the rest of the world.

Measures like social distancing, recommended (and even enforced) shelter-in-place or stay home, are intended to leverage isolation to minimize the spread of the virus.

The same measures have an effect on one of humanity's basic needs; the need to belong or belongingness. Exceeded only by our physiological needs (i.e., food, water, shelter, etc.) and the need for safety, the need to belong and be loved is essential.

And that means even in a time of social distancing and sheltering-in-place, the belongingness is a non-negotiable need.

So...what are you doing to satisfy your own need?

Do you feel connected, even in the age social distancing?

I hope so! I hope even in the loneliest and most isolated moments you feel connected and have a strong sense of belonging.

I also hope your own awareness of belonging enables empathy for unconnected people.

And I hope your empathy for unconnected people fans into flame an unquenchable desire to help meet this basic need.

Remember, unconnected people are always one tough thing away from never being at your church again.

Loss of a job. Divorce or separation. A devastating diagnosis. A child in trouble. Coronavirus.

One tough thing.

We live in a world where one tough thing is always close by.

What can you do to offer belonging to unconnected people?

What will you do to offer belonging to unconnected people?

You can leverage an email and social media campaign.

You can activate more robust coaching and development of coaches and leaders.

You can help your existing small groups to meet online (and invite unconnected friends to join).

You can make online small groups available.

Note: You're invited! Join Me for a Behind-the-Scenes Look at an Online Small Group Connection)

Whatever you do, be on the lookout for opportunities to meet this need!

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