Don’t Miss This Powerful Study: Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets

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starting-overFinally had an opportunity to take a look at a powerful new book (and study) from Dave and Jon Ferguson. Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets is the newest project from the authors of Finding Your Way Back to God.

Starting Over was developed as a result of many conversations the Ferguson’s had with people who had read Finding Your Way Back to God: Five Awakenings to Your New Life. The authors made a curious discovery. You may remember that the second awakening was awakening to regret. Their discovery? “Many of the people we talked to experienced the Awakening to Regret but then got stuck there.” Starting Over was developed to help people “come face to face with your regrets and learn to start over.”

Like Finding Your Way Back to God, this book is very engaging. In my opinion, Finding Your Way Back was one of the most readable books I had ever come across with an evangelistic theme. And Starting Over? It has the same quality! Packs with personal stories and skillfully told stories from the Bible, this is the kind of book that will be given to friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. Easy to read and so encouraging.

A 5 session study is well-written and very easy to use. Although some participants will be anxious about joining a discussion on this topic, most will be quickly made at ease by the tone set in the opening questions. Each session of the study includes an opening icebreaker and questions that will consistently welcome everyone to the conversation. The Bible study portion of the study does a very good job of exploring a series of stories, Psalms, and passages on regret. A life application section will help participants make the story personal.

The participant guide also includes an extensive leader guide that will enable even the most inexperienced leader to feel better equipped to lead.

A short video also accompanies each session of the study guide. Available for viewing online at, each of the video sessions includes a short teaching by Dave or Jon Ferguson and very compelling personal story about regret.

I have to tell you, I believe Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets may have even greater potential than Finding Your Back to God. Why? I think regret is an even more cross-cultural topic. While everyone may not be overwhelmed by feelings of regret, everyone can personally relate. If you’re looking for a compelling study that will appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike, take a look at Starting Over. I love this study and I think you will too!

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  1. Dave Ferguson on December 19, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Thanks for the review Mark. It means a lot coming from you. Grateful for your support of our work!

  2. Mark Howell on December 19, 2016 at 10:24 am

    Great stuff again Dave! Very happy to recommend it.