Sticky Church

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sticky_churchInterested in developing sermon-based small groups? Sticky Church by Larry Osborne is packed with helpful insights.

In addition to providing the nuts and bolts of how it works, Sticky Church carefully explains the underlying assumptions and principles North Coast has used to develop their sermon-based small group strategy. Finally, you’ll also find an appendix that is full of the forms, job descriptions and covenants you’ll need to begin to implement the concept.

Is the strategy for everyone? No. Is it designed to do it all? No, but no approach is. Clearly designed to connect the people you already have, Osborne acknowledges that his vision is “that every Christian in our church needs to be velcroed to significant relationships.” While Sticky Church is not outreach oriented, it is a great blueprint for implementing a small group strategy that will help members and attendees connect.

Want to add it to your arsenal?  You can order your copy right here.

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