Stolen: A New DVD-Driven Study from Chris and Kerry Shook

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Looking for creative small group resources?  You might want to take a look at Stolen, a new study from Chris and Kerry Shook.  Taking its cue from John 10:10, Stolen takes a look at how the Enemy uses our circumstances to rob us of treasures like passion, joy, peace, strength, and dreams. Recognized as one of today’s most creative communicators, Woodlands Church Pastor Kerry Shook and his wife, Chris, will lead you into a discovery of the ways you can reclaim the treasures God intended for you.

A six session study, the DVD segments have a creative twist that sets up the discussion.  Each session begins with an ominous dramatic vignette; an eerie blend of the black and white feel of Death of a Salesman with a twist of the 1962 version of Cape Fear.  Trust me…this is story-driven visual media.  Your members will be captivated by the story that unfolds and perfectly prepared to learn about the abundant life that God has prepared for us.  The sessions average 16 to 17 minutes and will easily hold the attention of your members.

The member book provides a well developed study of how to reclaim six of the treasures the thief wants to steal (inheritance, strength, peace, dreams, joy and passion).  With a note-taking section, eye-opening scripture study, included devotionals that will help your members take the truths even deeper, and a basic leader’s guide, Stolen is a study that will open your member’s eyes to the promise of the abundant life.

If you’re looking for an engaging study that will take your groups deep into God’s truth with creativity and passion…Stolen ought to be on your list.  I found myself captivated by the storyline and intrigued by the approach…and I think you will too.  Very well done.  I highly recommend it.


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