Summer “To Do” List

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Ah the joys of summer!  Vacations.  Cookouts.  The beach.  The lake.  The River.  The Pool.  Family time.  Good times.  Summer (I know it’s winter for many of you in the Southern Hemisphere…but work with me here!).

What have you got going wherever you are?  Hopefully some good downtime.  Also, hopefully you’re working smarter, getting ahead for the fall–one of the best opportunities of the year to connect beyond the core, beyond the usual suspects.  Let’s take a quick pass as a few ideas that should be on your “to do” list.  Here we go:

  1. Deepen your relationships.  This is a great time to catch coffee, breakfast or lunch with your coaches.  The agenda can just be “how ya doin’?  It will pay off in the fall when you’re asking your coaches to work a little harder than the rest of the team.
  2. Build your coaching team.  Think about which of your hosts might be misappropriating their SHAPE by caring for 8 to 10 adults instead of 4 to 6 leaders (who each care for 8 to 10 adults).  You probably have at least one or two that fit that category.  This is an opportunity to help them move to the right seat on the bus.
  3. Plan and shoot the videos you’ll need in August and September.  This is a great time to capture the video (or line up the testimonies) that will enable you to recruit new small group hosts in August and encourage unconnected people to test-drive a group in September.
  4. Fine tune the time-line for your fall strategy. You can think about things like the dates that your host insert will be in the bulletin, when you’ll start talking about being “in a group” vs. hosting a group, how you’ll promote each of those steps, ways of marketing the campaign you’ll be launching, when you’ll introduce the next curriculum, etc.
  5. Encourage your existing small groups to take a “small group vacation” this fall.  This is a very strategic move that can pay off big time but you’ll need the big guns and some preparation to pull it off.  See my article for more.
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