Take a Look at Life.Church’s Open Network

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I’ve pointed you to what Life.Church is doing in the past. Small group ministry ideas, church-wide campaigns and a number of Craig Groeschel’s books.

As I was scouting for church-wide campaign ideas, I remembered one I had heard about earlier this year from Craig Groeschel and Life.Church. Two or three minutes of poking around in LIfe.Church’s Open Network resource and I found it.

Divine Direction teaches how to seek God’s will for our lives and how He cares more about who we are than what we do. Depending on your church’s needs and interests, you can see this might be a good topic that would interest lots of people. Maybe less cross-cultural than some topics, but still very much a hot topic.

Based on Groeshel’s latest book, Divine Directions: 7 Decisions That Will Change Your Life, the church-wide campaign includes a robust set of FREE resources:

  • Promotional items: artwork, banner graphics, bulletin social media, mailer, coming soon videos and much more.
  • Series guide
  • Life Group discussion questions videos
  • Sermon transcripts
  • Sermon bumper
  • and lots more

Divine Direction is just one of many, many sermon series that Life.Church has presented over the last 20 years and many of them are available in this same way and they are all FREE.

If you’ve not checked out the Life.Church Open Network (or maybe it’s been awhile), I highly recommend spending some time there to see what is available. If you’ve not seen it in the past, you’ll have to create a login to be able to see it, but it is definitely worth doing. Lot’s of great ideas!

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