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Proven: Where Christ’s Abundance Meets Our Great Need

Spent some time this week with the latest study from Jennie Allen. Proven: Where Christ’s Abundance Meets Our Great Need appeared on the scene earlier in 2017 and it needs to be on your radar.

I’ve reviewed two of Allen’s previous studies (Restless and Chase) and have routinely been impressed with her teaching style and the content loaded into these studies. Proven is just as powerful as the others.

An 8 session study, Proven takes a look at key passages in the Book of John, demonstrating how only Jesus is enough. “We don’t have to prove anything because Jesus has already proven everything. Discover how our thirsty hearts can only be quenched by the living water (from the cover).”

DVD-driven, each session features the dynamic teaching of Jennie Allen. On the short side, the videos range from 10 to 14 minutes in length, just right for today’s attention spans. Allen is a powerful teacher but seems to connect especially well with younger participants.

The Bible study book is very well written and each session includes a number of elements that set up a powerful group time.  While nowhere near overwhelming, working through each week’s lesson will provide the right amount of challenge for most.  Enough to require measured engagement; not too much to intimidate newer or less experienced participants.  Very well written, there is both depth and plenty of next steps prescribed.

As with Chase and Restless, I love the creative elements of Proven.  Every session includes four experiences designed to creatively open eyes to see and ears to hear the biblical truths being taught.

Another very cool ingredient are the conversation cards that accompany each session.  Introducing the ingredient of play, the cards nonetheless prompt a deeper, more provocative conversation.

An extremely helpful leader’s guide is included in the study kit.  It’s no exaggeration for me to call this one of the most helpful leader’s guides you’ll ever run across.  Very complete, even the least experienced leaders will find the helps they need to lead with confidence.

This is a great study! If you’re looking for a study that will help your women’s groups dig into God’s word and leave different, I highly recommend Proven: Where Christ’s Abundance Meets Our Great Need.

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