Take Action: Build a Group Life Network

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When it comes to group life, there are few things more out of character than a point person operating solo.  If there is any ministry position that should be predisposed to connecting with other like-minded leaders from around town…you’d think it would be the small group pastor, director or volunteer champion.  After all, the whole thing is about community!  Right?

Why doesn’t it happen?  There are probably some valid reasons, but the main reason many of us don’t reach out to connect with other leaders is that we’re just too busy with our own stuff.  Between frantic preparation for the small group launch, recruiting coaches, ordering curriculum and keeping the database accurate, who has time to have coffee with some guy from another church?

Here’s the thing.  You need that hour or two a week with some folks who are passionate about group life.  You need the phone call with someone who’s just a step ahead so you can hear what they’re doing to help the next 10% connect.  And the new guy in town needs to hear from you how to train leaders.

Honestly?  We really do need each other.


If you’re not actively building a group life network in your area, here’s your assignment:  Take action today.  Here are a few options:

  1. Join an existing network.  The Purpose Driven Small Group Network is an easy first option.  It’s free.  You don’t have to be purpose driven.  You only have to be passionate about group life and there are regional groups in all 50 states and Canada.  Click here to find out how to take the first step.
  2. Make a phone call.  Whether you call a mentor or a newbie…they’ll be glad you reached out.  Tell ’em I sent you.
  3. Meet for coffee.  Here’s your pick-up line: “Let’s have coffee.  I’ll buy.  What time works for you?”  Gas to get there: $1.82.  Two cups of Starbucks: $3.00.  74 minutes with someone with the same mission: Priceless.
  4. Bookmark two websites.  Willow Creek Association’s Group Life Facebook page and Purpose Driven Small Group Network’s Facebook page.

Ready to go there?  This is your assignment on Take Action Tuesday!  Let me know how it goes!

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