Take Advantage of Black Friday Prices!

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Sorry! This promotion is over!

Why should everybody else have all the fun? From Monday, November 20th thru Monday the 27th, take advantage of special pricing and save!

GroupLife Insider

Click here to get a one-year subscription to GroupLife Insider for $125! (save $25 to $55 off the normal price!).

“I can’t believe you’re offering all of this at this price! Thank you for GroupLife Insider!”

GroupLife Insider includes unlimited access to my mini-course library, exclusive access to ‚Äúvideo conference office hours,” discounted pricing on coaching calls, discounted pricing on GroupLife Southwest and much, much more!

Find out all about GroupLife Insider benefits and features right here.

Mini-Course Sale

My mini-course library is very popular. If all you need right now is step-by-step instructions on building an effective coaching structure or maximizing your next church-wide campaign…I’m offering some great prices through Monday, November 27th.

However…if you think you’ll need another course or two…you should definitely check out GroupLife Insider! Remember, a one-year membership includes unlimited access to all of my mini-course library!

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