The ABCs of a Great Start (for your connection group)

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A number of years ago (back when the connection strategy was new and untested) I developed a handout that I give to each person who is chosen as a leader.  In most cases that’s more than one person per group.  The handout is called, Getting Started: The ABCs of a Great Start (for your connection group).

The handout is very simple.  It’s a prescription really.  It’s a prescription that comes with a really good guarantee.  I tell people as I hand it out that if they’ll follow these suggestions for…

  • preparing for their first meeting
  • what to do at the first meeting, and
  • following up on the first meeting

…they’ll have a much better meeting and really increase the likelihood that it will be a great experience for everyone who comes.

Who doesn’t want that?  Want your own copy of the handout?  You can download one free right here.  By the way, the handout mentions a small group covenant (agreement) and you can download one right here.

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