The Divine Conspiracy Participant Guide with DVD: A New 6 Week Study

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One of the most important books in my own spiritual development has been Dallas Willard’s, The Divine Conspiracy.  I’ve worked my way through it several times and it is a great book.  Admittedly, it was made more understandable by John Ortberg’s frequent references to it over the years, but that’s why Zondervan’s new DVD-driven study immediately caught my eye.

Based on the Sermon on the Mount and Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy, The Divine Conspiracy Participant Guide with DVD was released in late 2010 and builds in the missing ingredient of video.  Although there were earlier study guides, the DVD brings the study to life in a new way.

The DVD sessions feature Dallas Willard with John Ortberg in a series of conversations.  At an average running time of 25 to 27 minutes, they’ll seem just a little longer than some would like.  But the right groups, the ones that are ready for something a little more challenging, will wish the conversation continued longer and even that they could ask Willard a question.  This content will definitely hit the spot for the right groups.

The participant guide is fairly straightforward but does include some additional material that groups will find helpful.  The Bonus Study segment will be attractive to many groups and the Between Sessions component provides just enough direction to support groups that want a little more without burden.  Although the Leader’s Guide is very basic it does give some valuable direction.

If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce Dallas Willard to the groups in your system looking for a deeper, more challenging opportunity, the Divine Conspiracy Participant Guide with DVD is a must add to your approved list of studies.  Great stuff.  Very engaging and at the same time, presented in a way that will provoke some very thought provoking discussion.

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