The Last 10% Leads to a Church OF Groups

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“We are committed,” he said.  It is time and this is the year that we become a church of groups.  Being a church with groups is just not getting it done.  We’re all in this together to make it happen this year.”

Love the determination in those words.  Love the spirit.  Love the hope.  Cannot embrace the assumption that it will happen this year.  It just won’t.  For several reasons:

First, moving to a significantly new trajectory almost always requires persistence over several seasons (contrary to the fantasy that you can move from a church with groups to a church of groups in one ministry season).  You can get there from here…but you can’t do it overnight.  It takes a steady hand and commitment to a new destination.

Second, continuing on a new trajectory requires determination and resilience in the face of the tension to go back to the land of previous, the land of familiarity, the land of comfortable.  Only determination and resilience will sustain a trajectory that can escape the gravitational pull of the status quo.

Third, commitment to a new trajectory requires a locked on sense of ultimate destination.  Like a rocket to the moon, you might only be on course 98% of the time, but you need to be unwavering about where you’re going.

Fourth, arriving at a new destination requires a commitment to the last 10%.  Regardless of how passionate you are, how fervently committed to the vision of church of groups…there will always be a determined resistance more passionate than the Taliban or the Tamil Tigers.

You’ll find the rest of the top 10 fantasies of churches with groups right here.

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