The Truth about Building an Effective Coaching Structure

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I’m frequently asked how to build a truly effective small group coaching structure.  It’s one of my most frequently asked questions.  And it’s almost always the case that the person asking the question has tried more than once and has already bought the best books on the subject.  Sometimes they’ve even invested in some coaching themselves or travelled across the country to learn how to do it!  See also, 20 Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Coaching.

Believe me, I get it!  It’s not easy to build an effective small group coaching structure!  It can be done.  I’ve done it more than once.  I can tell you how to do it.  But it’s not easy!  See also, How to Build an Effective Coaching Structure.

To build an effective coaching structure you’ve got to recruit the right people.  You’ve also got to recruit the right people to the right role.  Beyond that, you’ve got to keep in mind that whatever you want to happen in the lives of group members must happen first in the lives of your leaders–and as a result makes the role of a coach essential!  See also, 6 Essential Characteristics of an Effective Small Group Coach and 7 Core Ideas about Small Group Coaching.

The truth about small group coaching?

But can I tell you the bottom line truth about small group coaching?  The truth about building an effective coaching structure is that it takes work.  It won’t build itself.  You can’t build it overnight.  And it isn’t easy.  It takes hard work.

And there really is nothing like having a high capacity team of the right people investing their time in doing the right things to and for your small groups leaders.  When you get that (or even begin to get it) it changes everything!  When you can invest your time in caring for and developing leaders of leaders, everything changes.

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