To Connect More People YOU May Need to Be the Champion

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These are definitely unprecedented times.

And different times, unprecedented times, call for a different strategy playbook.

Trying to use well-worn, old faithful, strategy to connect people when operating in a different season, will not have the same results.

Unprecedented times call, actually scream, for a different playbook. may be tempted to think (hope) everything returns to normal when the curve has been flattened and social distancing and shelter in place directives have been called off.

But what if things don't return to normal? (My lead pastor led us through a discussion about this. His first question was, "How quickly do you think a mom will check her children, her new baby, into our Sunday morning kids' ministry?)

 Today's Big Idea

Whether this unprecedented season ends in 6 weeks or extends into the fall (or beyond), there is an opportunity right now to connect a new wave of unconnected people.

Because of social distancing, sheltering-in-place, and "no gathering" orders, everyone is more isolated than ever before. And that experience is heightening loneliness and the longing for community.

In other words, the always present, back of the mind need to belong has never been more front of mind.

Now, addressing this issue may not be what your leadership team is thinking about. It needs to be on everyone's radar. But it's not.

And that's where you come in.

To connect more people YOU may have to become the champion of the cure for the most powerful side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

How can you become the champion?

Part of the champion's role is to be the one talking about the issue. It may be easier for you to see than anyone else on your team.

And by "talking about the issue" I mean pointing out the situation and then offering a suggestion (or suggestions) that addresses the issue of loneliness and the longing for community.


Need suggestions for how to address the issue? Here are a few:


The big idea here is that if you want to help connect unconnected people in this season, you may need to play the champion role. I hope these ideas will help you do it!

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