Top 10 Posts for October, 2014

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Miss a day?  Here are my top 10 posts for October, 2014.  I don’t know whether these are lagging or leading indicators, but I had visitors from 101 countries (thanks for coming by!) and my blog was read in 49 languages!  Another interesting factoid is that 8 of the 10 most popular posts were not written in October!

  1. How to Choose a Small Group System or Strategy
  2. How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection
  3. How to Build an Effective Coaching Structure
  4. New to Small Group Ministry? Start Here
  5. 8 Habits of a Life-Changing Small Group Leader
  6. What’s Your Urgency Level for Connecting Unconnected People?
  7. Yesterday’s Big Idea (Literally)
  8. 5 Keys to Sustaining New Groups
  9. Andy Stanley on “Matters of the Heart”
  10. Skill Training: Top 10 Ways to Find New Group Members
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