Top 10 Posts of 2017 (6 – 10)

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We had a great year around here! Thanks for being part of the community!

Every year I track the most popular posts (written in the current year). Here’s #6 through 10. (See if you can spot the trend)

You might want to review several of them. I think they’ll help you as you prepare for 2018!

5 Things You Can Do in May that Lead to WAY More Groups This Fall (5/19/17)

The 90s Called…They Want Their Small Group System Back (4/3/17)

4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Small Group System Is Broken (2/7/2017)

5 Things to Do in January to Connect More People in 2017 (2/4/17)

Checklist: Prep to Hold the Largest Small Group Connection (10/16/17)

Here’s a link to my Top 5 Posts of 2017

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