Top 10 Posts of April, 2011

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Here are my top 10 posts for April, 2011.  As is often the case, not all of my top posts were from April.  There was even an article from 2008!  I included two additional posts because a couple of my top 10 posts in April were my About and Subscribe pages.

It was also interesting to me that #12 was my archives page.  With over 600 articles here at MarkHowellLive, you might want to take a look in the archives, too.  No telling what you’ll find!

  1. 5 Questions Every Small Group Pastor Should Be Asking
  2. How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection (2008)
  3. The Ongoing Open vs Closed Group Debate
  4. 10 Essential Small Group Leader Skills
  5. Review: Building Biblical Community (featuring Donahue and Gladen)
  6. About Mark Howell (interesting, this is actually the About page you read from Twitter)
  7. Subscribe to Mark’s Blog
  8. Clue #1 When Designing Your Small Group System
  9. The Exponential Power of a Church-Wide Campaign
  10. Clue #2 When Designing Your Small Group System
  11. An Openness to New Ideas
  12. Archives
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