Top 10 Posts of August, 2012

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Miss a few days this summer?  Here are my top 10 posts of August, 2012.  Two themes were obvious right away.  First, 6 of the top 10 were from 2008 and 2009.  Amazing how often the archives are read!  Second, for the first month in recent memory none of the top 10 posts were curriculum reviews!

  1.  How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection (May, 2008)
  2. How to Make the HOST Ask – The 2012 Version (August, 2012)
  3. Need a Funny Video to Promote Small Groups? Check Out The Bible Study (August, 2012)
  4. How to Make the Small Group Ask (December, 2008)
  5. 5 Keys to Sustaining New Groups (October, 2008)
  6. HOST: What Does It Mean? (April, 2008)
  7. 5 Essential Practices of a 21st Century Small Group System (August, 2012)
  8. Essential Ingredients for Life Change (September, 2009)
  9. How to Choose a Small Group System or Strategy (October, 2009)
  10. 3 Itsy Bitsy Strategic Tweaks with Exponential Impact (July, 2012)
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