Top 10 Posts of June, 2013

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Here are my top 10 posts of June, 2013.  I had visitors from 78 countries around the world (thanks for stopping by!).

By the way, these are my top 10 most read posts in June, but 797 of my posts were read at least once!  Thanks for reading!

  1. How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection (May, 2008)
  2. Top 10 Things I Need to Know about Discipleship (September, 2012)
  3. 5 Things You Need to Know about Connecting Unconnected People (May, 2013)
  4. New from Beth Moore | The Law of Love: Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy (August, 2012)
  5. Here’s a Video for Your Next Leader Training: Awkward Prayer (June, 2013)
  6. Four Leading Indicators of Small Group Ministries that Make Disciples (June, 2013)
  7. DiscipleShift: An Important New Resource for Churches That Want to Make Disciples (June, 2013)
  8. 10 Simple Steps to a Great Church-Wide Campaign (June, 2012)
  9. HOST: What Does It Mean? (April, 2008)
  10. Top 10 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors This Summer (July, 2009)
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