Top 10 Posts on Training and Discipling Leaders

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leaderI've written a little bit on the topic. Okay...I have written a LOT on this topic. With over 2500 hundred articles dating back to 2008, determining the top 10 articles was a little challenging. According to Google analytics, this is how it came out.

  1. Top 10 Essential Small Group Leader Skills
  2. 8 Habits of a Life-Changing Small Group Leader
  3. Skill Training: Equip Your Leaders to Help Members Plan to Grow
  4. Steve Gladen on Saddleback's Leadership Pathway
  5. From Here to There: The Preferred Future for Small Group Leaders
  6. Skill Training: Equip Your Coaches to Develop and Disciple Leaders
  7. 7 Things You Must Do TO and FOR Your Small Group Leaders
  8. The One Thing Every Small Group Pastor Must Do for Small Group Leaders
  9. 7 Must-Have Resources for Training Small Group Leaders
  10. Small Group Leader Expectations: What Should They Be?

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