Top 10 Reasons GroupLife Southwest ’19 Is Calling Your Name

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Registration at a great price (especially with this speaker lineup)!

So...time is running out for you to join us (and bring your team)!

*GroupLife Southwest is a great conference. Features the BEST speaker lineup of any small group ministry conference this year. And now, THRU March 1st still offers the Early Bird rate!

Top 10 reasons* GroupLife Southwest '19 Is Calling Your Name:

*Okay, let's be honest. It was too hard to decide on a serious ranking of the top 10. EVERY. SINGLE. REASON. should be enough!


April weather in Las Vegas is amazing! I don't know what it's like where you are, but the average temperature in 80° / 54° (with 1 day of rain). Just about perfect for hanging out with friends, catching some rays, and learning from some of the sharpest leaders in small group ministry, spiritual formation, discipleship and leadership development.


In addition to the two main sessions, you'll be able to choose the right 5 breakout sessions from a list of 16+ topics that will give you what you need to take your ministry to the next level! Choosing only 5 will be a tough decision! Most will be offered twice, but if you bring a can grab all the content!


We've built in significant time at breaks and lunch to provide opportunity to gather with your team or meet up with point leaders from other churches. Lunch is provided both days so you can maximize your experience.


Need to learn how to lead from the middle? How about learning how to lead through change? Ben Reed's work in small group ministry in a range of church sizes and shapes has developed significant insights that will help you and your ministry.


No one in America communicates more compellingly and with greater clarity than Tim Cooper on the topic of providing a safe and easy first step toward meaningful conversations about faith. Last year's sessions were standing room only and very highly rated. Both of this year's will be repeated to allow maximum attendance.


No organization has done more work in discipleship than LifeWay and Chris Surratt has been criss-crossing America to share what they are learning about becoming a disciple-making church. He brings significant experience from his work at Seacoast and CrossPoint. He'll be sharing both of his breakouts twice.


What you'll learn from Mindy Caliguire will help your group members become like Jesus. She is one of the leading voices in America on spiritual formation. Her breakout sessions will fill up so we're offering both of them two times!


Dave Enns is the lead pastor of Small Groups Ministry at North Coach Church, well-known for maintaining over 80% adult participation in weekly sermon-based home groups. His two breakouts in 2017 were among the highest rated as he shared the secrets of building thriving sermon-based groups.


Bill Donahue knows more about building transformational teams and leading in ambiguity than almost anyone. His work at Willow Creek built one of the largest small group ministries in America and his work since in leadership development and team building is impacting corporate America.


Bill Willits has been shaping ministry environments at North Point for over 20 years and has helped them connect just over 80,000 children, students and adults into the benefits of group life. His two breakouts will be standing room only (but will both be repeated).


I'll be sharing two breakouts. How to Build an Effective Coaching Structure and 5 Essential Practices of a 21st Century Small Group Ministry.

Listen, I can't say it often enough or loud enough. GroupLife Southwest is a great conference. Features the BEST speaker lineup of any small group ministry conference this year. And until March 1st still offers the Early Bird rate!

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