Top 10 Reasons to Take the Summer Off

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After last weeks Top 10 Reasons Taking the Summer Off Is a Bad Idea, I thought I’d better provide equal representation.  Here’s my best shot at the flip side:

  1. After a full year together, it’s definitely time to move on to a new group of friends.
  2. My summer schedule is so jam-packed with my family and my real friends that I can’t possibly fit my group members in!
  3. I’m all about 100% commitment.  If I have to miss a meeting because I’m out of town on vacation…I’d rather just call the whole thing off!
  4. My pastor is taking a study break…and so am I!
  5. If I don’t get my beauty rest, 2 or 3 months off over the summer, I’m just no good to anyone!
  6. You’ve got the All Star Game, the World Cup every four years, NFL training camps, the Olympics…how can anyone possibly keep up if you’ve still got a weekly meeting?
  7. I’m so committed to real Bible study that if we just met to hang out, eat some good food, and watch a movie…well, it just wouldn’t be the same.
  8. Daylight Savings Time!  Gotta love it!
  9. Wouldn’t want to let our hair down and just party together.  What kind of example would that set for our kids!
  10. Whatever you do, don’t use low-pressure summer days to invite some of your old friends to hang out with some of your new friends.  Awkward!
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