Top 10 Simple Skill Trainings for New Small Group Hosts

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*Important Note: Although some small group models emphasize the roles of leader (the person who leads the group) and host (the person who opens their home for the group meeting), that is NOT what is meant here. In this case “host” refers to someone who simply responds to our invitation to invite a few friends to do a study together.

Looking for some simple training ideas that will help new small group hosts start well? The following set of skill training articles can be shared individually or as a set. They may also serve to guide you as you recruit and release new hosts to invite a few friends to do the study together.

1. Skill Training: How to Invite a Few Friends to Join You for the Study

2. Skill Training: 5 Simple Steps to Starting a New Group

3. Skill Training: 10 Keys to a Great First Meeting

4. Skill Training: 10 Steps to Help New Group Members Connect

5. Skill Training: How Transparent Should I Be as a Group Leader?

6. Skill Training: Design Your Group Meeting for Life-Change

7. Skill Training: The Simplest Way to Help Group Members Pray Out Loud

8. Skill Training: Sub-Grouping for Deeper Connection

9. Skill Training: How to Stimulate Better Discussions

10. Skill Training: 6 Keys to Keeping Your New Group Going

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