Top 10 Things Our Team Will Be Doing (to Get Ready for the Fall)

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Are you on a countdown yet?  94 days for us.  94 days until we launch 40 Days of Purpose (The Sequel).  At first glance it seems like plenty of time.  Next glance seems like it’s coming too fast and there’s so much to do!

Here’s our “to do” list:

  1. Recruit 40 launch phase coaches (who will help us launch over 200 new small groups)
  2. Train the launch phase coaches using 4 teleconference sessions
  3. Launch a new web-based small group finder that will allow unconnected people to find a group 24/7 online or after every service in the lobby
  4. Develop the script for 6 DVD sessions
  5. Find a great Parkview story to add to the front end of each of the 6 DVD sessions
  6. Recruit a handful of current leaders who will share their story on 2 or 3 videos we’ll use in August weekend services
  7. Work with our pastor to fine tune the August messages that will recruit over 200 new small group hosts
  8. Plan and execute the 6 identical host orientations that will train over 200 new small group hosts
  9. Recruit and manage the 24 hour turnaround data entry process that will populate the new small group finder and make over 200 new small groups visible in time to help thousands of adults at Parkview find a 40 Days of Purpose group
  10. Develop the Host Kits that will distribute curriculum and “how to get started” materials to over 300 40 Days of Purpose Hosts.

The most important thing we’ll be doing isn’t even on this list.  We’ll be praying.

How about you?  Are you on a countdown?

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