Top 10 Ways to Find New Members for Your Group

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Who makes the best new members for your group? That's easy. Unconnected people with whom you are actively building a relationship. Here are some ideas that will help you find new members:

1. Look for people who are already doing the same things you are. If you have a  middle schooler, make it a point to get to know other parents. If your kids are younger...make it a point to meet other parents as you check your kids in on Sunday morning. Whether you're in a bunko group, on a softball team, do scrapbooking, or regularly watch your kids' little league on the lookout for people who are already doing the same things that you are.

2. If you sit in the same area or the auditorium every week, you'll often begin to notice some of the same people. Get in the habit of getting to know one or two new people every week. In the "say hello to a few people around you" part of the service...make it a point to remember their names. Write their name(s) down as soon as you sit down. As the service ends tell them you'll see them next week.

3. Take a few minutes in your next meeting to talk about who your members know that would be a good fit in your group. It's a good idea to talk through the Circles of Life handout (click here to download a copy). Sometimes all you need is something to jog your memory.

4. Plan a social get-together (potluck, cookout, theme dinner, chili cookoff, etc.) and invite unconnected friends over. This is a great idea to schedule on a regular basis between studies. The perfect way to get to know a few new people.

5. Volunteer to serve at your new member class (whether it's 101 or NeXT, every church has a "new here" class or experience). Think about it. Everyone at the class is taking a next step...the perfect time to join a small group.

6. If your church has a "New Here?" kiosk in the lobby (or just outside the auditorium), volunteer to serve there. There may be no better way to meet a lot of new people who have gone out of their way to connect.

7. Volunteer to serve as an usher or greeter. You'll see a lot of the same people.  Easy to be friendly and invite them to your group.

8. Volunteer to serve at the small group kiosk in your lobby. You'll have first crack at the people looking for a group! How cool is that!

9. Volunteer to serve with...(see a pattern developing?). Almost every volunteer opportunity will put you in contact with unconnected people.

10. Make sure your group is absolutely, positively, up-to-date in the Small Group Finder.

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