Trending Now? “Come Over” vs “Meet Me” or “Come with Me”

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meet-meAs America shifts ever more to a post-Christian country, the invite to "meet me at my church" or "come with me to my church" will become less common and the invite to "come over to my house" or "meet me at Starbucks" will become more common.

Are you seeing this happen where you are?

In The Top 10 Signs You're Prioritizing the Right Things in Small Group Ministry I included #6:

6. Your groups are inviting and including friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members. Far beyond holy huddles, your groups are truly inclusive outposts in the community.

How would you evaluate that practice in your small group ministry? Is it happening? To what extent is it happening?

recent Barna Group study indicated that “from 2013 to 2015 the percentage of Americans who qualify as ‘post-Christian’ rose by 7 percentage points.” As I reflected on the findings of the study I observed that "if the majority of your small groups never connect anyone who doesn’t already attend a Christian church, the fastest growing segment of your community is unreachable."

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