Two BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS to make today

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Two BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS to make today

That’s right! I’ve making two big announcements today. Definitely big to me. Hopefully they are to you!

GroupLife Southwest ’18

First, GroupLife Southwest ’18 is about to begin taking registrations! If you joined us in 2017, you know what you’re in for (the feedback was very, very positive). If you missed…you might want to take a look at last year’s speaker lineup to catch up!

This year’s speaker list is taking shape! I’ll begin sharing the lineup in the next few days.

Super-Early-Bird Registration opens on March 24th. You can save a pretty nice chunk if you take advantage of our lowest prices.¬†You can join the waitlist if you’d like a reminder email.

GroupLife Insider Spring Sale

The GroupLife Insider Spring Sale¬†ends on 3/17! If you haven’t taken advantage of the best prices of the year…I hope you’ll do that before time runs out!

Sometimes I find it helpful to think about the cost of something vs the cost of trying to do it myself (or my own way).

Here’s what I thought of just now:

  • How much is it worth to have unlimited access to my mini-course library? Wouldn’t learning how to build an effective coaching structure or how to maximize a church-wide campaign be worth more than it cost to sign up?
  • What about regular opportunities to join an “ask Mark” coaching session (AKA Office Hours)? Seriously? Talking over your most pressing question and getting timely coaching on an issue you’re facing?
  • What about insider access to my latest thinking and strategies as well as my learnings about game-changing developments in leading small group ministries? Sure, you can wait for me to write a blog post about it, but why miss out?

Listen, my Spring Sale price won’t last forever and it won’t be back anytime soon! Click here to take advantage of the lowest price!

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