Unexplainable: Pursuing a Life Only God Can Make Possible

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UnexplainableWhat in your life is unexplainable apart from God?   Is there anything?  Or is there a perfect explanation for everything do?  For your decisions about jobs, your finances, and your relationships?

If this is a question that intrigues you at all, you might want to take a look at a new 8 week DVD-driven study from David C. Cook publishing.  Unexplainable: Pursuing a Life Only God Can Make Possible, by Don Cousins, will not be for every group.  But if your group is looking for a challenge, almost a dare to move towards the life described so vividly in the New Testament, this is a study you need to take a look at.

Unlike most of the DVD-driven group curriculum you’ll find, this DVD features a series of interviews with real people who have begun a new kind of adventure and are living lives and making decisions that are unexplainable…apart from God.  Watching session one and the story of Lee Eilers I couldn’t help but be pulled in to a great story; one man’s story of a decision he made to follow a course that could only be explained by God.

Each of the sessions is designed to be watched after reading the assigned section of the book.  Each section is about 25 pages.  After viewing the DVD segment the group will tackle a discussion of the ideas presented and be encouraged to apply what they’re learning.  I found the questions for session one well written and could imagine a lively discussion as a group wrestled with the question, “What would you like to see God do in your personally that would qualify as “unexplainable apart from God?”

This is probably not a study for a brand new group or a group of brand new Christians.  But if you’ve got groups in your small group ministry, or unconnected adults in your congregation, who are ready for a challenge, Unexplainable may be just the ticket.  I can say that session one and the first chapter already has me mulling over the decisions I’m making and the life I’ve found myself living.  Is it unexplainable apart from God?  Maybe I’ll let you know after I’ve finished the study!  In the meantime, if you want to learn more or pick it up for your group you can do that right here.

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