Visualize, Prioritize, Optimize and Supersize (Your Small Group Ministry)

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Visualize, Prioritize, Optimize, and Supersize (Your Small Group Ministry)

You know how they say what got you here won’t get you there? How sometimes what worked before definitely isn’t working anymore? Or isn’t working the way it needs to for continued growth and momentum?

With over 25 years experience in small group ministry I’ve learned that breaking through certain barriers requires taking a critical look at your system, reimagining and retooling.

I’ve actually found that a simple 4 step process helps me keep my ministry moving in the right direction.

Could my 4 step process help you and your small group ministry break through a barrier and begin moving again?

What if a simple process could help you improve your results by 10 or 20%? What if instead of starting 5 new groups you could start 10 or even 20?

What if instead of starting 10 new groups and sustaining 2 going beyond the beginning study you could start 20 new groups and sustain 14 or 15?

What if you actually had a set of tailored next steps that would help the least connected people in your congregation and crowd actually take the best next step?

What if you could…

  • Visualize an updated preferred future?
  • Prioritize the steps that lead there; charting a new course?
  • Optimize your system and strategies to maximize growth?
  • Supersize your ministry by reimagining and retooling?

Does that sound too good to be true?

Maybe you need to sign up for my newest mini-course?

Visualize, Prioritize, Optimize, and Supersize (Your Small Group Ministry)

I’ve designed Visualize, Prioritize, Optimize and Supersize to provide the tools and practices you need in order to keep moving forward year after year.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Four 75 minute video sessions (60 minutes of content + 15 minutes Live Q&A)
  2. Downloadable outlines (allowing you to capture every detail)
  3. Each session is packed with actionable takeaways
  4. All video sessions are recorded and downloadable to share with your team
  5. Access to a password-protected site with additional supporting resources.
  6. 100% money back guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied…I’ll refund your money.
  7. Get the Early Bird Price through Friday, September 8th at 12:00 p.m. PST
  8. Add a diagnostic coaching call at a special reduced rate (My regular price for a 60 minute call is $125)
  9. Questions?  Email Me for information.

When, Where and All the Details:

  • The first session is Tuesday, September 12th, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. (PST)
  • Sessions 2, 3 and 4 are on September 19th, 26th, and October 3rd.
  • All sessions will be presented live, recorded and uploaded the following morning for review.

Are you ready? I’d love to teach you this simple process that will help you season after season and year after year.

You can do it. Your senior pastor will be glad you learned how…and so will your church!

Ready to jump in?

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