Wash, Rinse, Repeat, and the Long Run

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“How can we move from being a church with groups to a church of groups?  How long will it take?”

Ever asked that question?  Ever wondered whether you could really pull it off?  Whether you could stay with it long enough to break the 150% connected barrier?

I was talking with a pastor last week, working hard to explain that the move from 25% connected to over 100% connected happens over time.  “It’s not one move.  It’s really more of a series of moves.  It’s a commitment to the long run.”

“You launch a wave of groups in the fall with a church-wide campaign.  You come back in late January with a small group connection, followed by connecting events off of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  And when the dust clears, you realize that you’ve moved from 25% to 55%.”

“The next fall, you run another church-wide campaign and connect another wave.  You follow it with an even bigger small group connection in late January and another right after Easter.  And when the dust clears, you realize you’ve moved from 55% to 78%.”

“Along the way, you keeping building coaching structures and establishing leader development practices and before you know it, it feels like a healthy system.”

“And even when you’re tempted to take the fall off or skip the January connection event, you don’t, because you know it happens in the long run.  Breaking the 150% connected barrier isn’t a sprint.  It’s a marathon.”

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

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