WEIRD: Because Normal Isn’t Working | New DVD-Driven Study

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There’s a new DVD-driven study that you’re going to want to take a look at.  New from Zondervan,  WEIRD: Because Normal Isn’t Working is a great companion to Craig Groeschel’s popular book by the same name.

Inspired by Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 7:13-14 and the central idea that the “broad road leads to destruction” (normal) and the “narrow road” leads to life (weird), the study takes a look at a set of topics that will make sense to Christians and non-Christians alike (making WEIRD a very compelling option for a church-wide campaign).

  • The God Kind of Weird (overview)
  • It’s Time to Be Weird (Time)
  • Weird That Money Can’t Buy (Money)
  • Pleasing God is Weird (Values)
  • Weird Makes You Truly Sexy (Sex)
  • The Weirdest Blessing Possible (Summary)

The DVD sessions are a combination of key portions of Groeschel’s LifeChurch.TV weekend message series and special segments that introduce, enhance or summarize the topic.  One of the Church’s most dynamic and creative communicators, Craig Groeschel’s practice of looking right at the camera while preaching (making it easy for participants in one of 15 campuses and a  growing number of LifeChurch.TV Network churches around the world who use the teaching video).  The DVD is very compelling.

Each of the sessions in the participant guide includes:

  • Fully outlined overviews of the video segments (great for taking notes during the video),
  • Discussion questions that help unpack the meaning of the biblical passages that form the foundation for the teaching,
  • Individual activities that reinforce application,
  • Between session personal studies that help participants take the teaching deep into their lives.

The  relevance of the topic and the availability of the book by the same name makes WEIRD an intriguing church-wide campaign option.  Although not currently available in a prefab campaign format, it would be easy to use as an alignment (combination of weekend message series and small group study).  In fact, with the weekend messages archived and available at the LifeChurch.TV website, the only thing missing is the marketing pieces (bulletin inserts, bulletin shells, invitations, etc.).

As a stand-alone study, WEIRD is sure to produce a lot of great discussion and application.  At the same time, it deserves consideration as a church-wide campaign with the ability to reach neighbors and friends.  Either way, this is a study you’re going to want to add to your recommended list!

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  1. Justin on June 21, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Mark thank you for all the effort you have put together to help churches have the best small group experience.

    I am currently trying to decide on a church-wide campaign for the fall 6-8 weeks long. It needs to be a campaign that will be intriguing to those who don’t typically go to church. Do you have any recommendations?

    By the way, the link for this page is not working. It is probably because they changed their url. I was unable to locate the resource.

    Thanks again Mark.

  2. markchowell on June 23, 2016 at 6:57 am

    Hey Justin…here’s a link to the “Open” site with a lot of resources.

    And here’s a link to my article 5 Best Church-Wide Campaigns for Fall 2016: