What Baby Step Will You Take Today?

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baby stepMost changes begin as baby steps.

As I write this post I am learning to be a runner. Three (or four) runs a week with two (or three) walks interspersed for recovery. I am averaging 16 running miles a week (with another 8 walking).

Most days my run is a combination of run, walk and breathing hard. I used to say, “Run, Walk and Gasp,” but there’s no gasping going on anymore.

I began learning to be a runner to lose weight. I’ve lost 30 lbs and feel very good.

I’m also learning to enjoy the run. In fact, I actually crave it…right up until the moment I leave the driveway and begin. 😉

I didn’t begin learning to be a runner by running a half marathon or even running one mile. I began by going for a run or a walk every day. On the days I went for a run it was mostly walk with a twist of running. I used the Nike running app to track my time and set goals to reduce my time.

Most changes begin as baby steps. In the same way I began running to lose weight, you may need to take a baby step that simply starts your small group ministry moving in the right direction. See also, 10 Simple Things You Can Start Doing to Build a Thriving Small Group Ministry.

Are you ready to take a baby step?

Image by A. Strakey

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