What Can You Pull Off in 3 Weeks? Block Party with a Purpose

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What could you pull off with just 3 weeks notice?  Could you plan and pull off a block party?

Think about your block.  What would you have to do tomorrow?  Get a couple other neighbors to say yes?  Make a flyer?  What about the next day?  Circulate the flyer?

Think you could do it?  How many block parties do you think you could get to happen?  What if 5 or 10 people from your church each had a block party on Labor Day weekend?

What if you could have 20?  And what if all 20 of the block parties was organized by someone who in 6 weeks was going to be hosting a small group?

What if at the block party everyone was asked to bring their favorite dish to share and you let everyone vote on their favorite dish and gave away a small trophy?  And what if you collected the winning recipes and included them in a cookbook?  And what if you sold the cookbooks and gave all the proceeds to a local homeless shelter?

Sound interesting?  Sound like something you could pull off?

Saddleback’s Example

In the fall of 2007 Saddleback repeated the 40 Days of Purpose.  They began talking about the upcoming church-wide study in mid-spring, 2007, encouraging members to “Use the summer to get to know your neighbors.  Invite them over for a barbeque or dessert.”  Further, they asked members to host block parties for Labor Day and ask everyone to bring their favorite dish to share along with the recipe.  The block party attendees voted on which dish was the best and included the winner in a church cookbook (proceeds going to support an important community need).

Think you can pull it off in 3 weeks?  Imagine how much easier the invite becomes to “join my group?”  Just think what could happen if every block party had 2 or 3 neighbors who said “yes” to joining a group?  What if every block had 4 or 5 who said “yes?”  This fall could be quite a season!

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  1. Libby on May 19, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Looking for some other ideas than the cookbook – with the use of the internet and googling recipes, I think this may be a little dated. 2007 was a while back, but I love the idea of block parties – how could we help our people rock them?

  2. markchowell on May 19, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    The key to the strategy is the block party. Googling “block party ideas” generated 11 million results. The ideas are out there!