What Do Small Group Leaders Need to Know How to Do?

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Have you ever spent much time thinking about the set of things small group leaders need to know how to do?  I’ve probably talked through this hundreds of times over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever really made an actual list.

I’ve written a series of skill training articles that describe individual things that a small group leader needs to do, but I’ve never thought through to complete the list.

Ever made a list of the things small group leaders need to know how to do?

At re:group this year I picked up some very helpful ideas on this topic at two of the breakouts.  I wrote about my learnings right here.

I really like an idea that Justin Elam shared in a breakout called, “Developing Leaders Who Lead Well.”   The essence of the idea was that there are three stages of leadership and eight tactical essentials that you’d want a leader to know at certain stages along their journey.

Here are the three stages and the eight tactical essentials.

Stage One:  Cultivate Relationships and Promote Participation.

Stage Two: Stay Connected, Provide Care, Serve Together, and Celebrate Change.

Stage Three: Replace Yourself and End Well.

Can you see yourself building a small group leader development concept around that framework?

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