What Does Small Group Coaching Look Like in Your Preferred Future?

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coaching preferred futureIf you’ve been following the conversation here, you know that we’re always talking about the preferred future.  Always.  Right?  Don’t believe me?  Look at all the articles that have preferred future in the title!

We ask, what will the leaders be like in the preferred future in order to provide group members the experience they need?  What must the coaches be like in the preferred future in order to deliver the right experience to group leaders?

Why?  We’re looking ahead to the preferred future because knowing where you are going gives definition to the path that leads to there.

Andy Stanley said, “Path, not intent, determines destination.”  Another way of looking at the same equation would be to say, “Once you know the destination, the path that leads to there becomes increasingly clear.

The picture in the upper left of this post is from some work that we did this week clarifying the preferred future for coaching in our system.

Here are the unrefined characteristics that we noted:

  • There is a span of care of 1 to 10 up and down (in other words, coaches will have up to 10 people they’re caring for and coaches will be cared for by someone who has no more than 10 in their huddle).
  • Coaches have a high-level commitment to Canyon Ridge (CRCC) and grouplife.
  • Coaches should be identifying coaching candidates and replicating themselves.
  • Coaches will have regular and individual contact with their huddle (up and down).
  • Coaches need to be becoming a God-first man or woman and modeling a God-first life.
  • Coaches will make sure their huddle feels connected, cared for, and urged to grow.
  • Etc.

Will it be easy to get there?  Nope.  Does it look a little daunting?  Yep.  Is that the reason so many small group ministries give up?  Absolutely.  But guess what.  Whatever you want to happen in the lives of your members must happen first in the lives of your leaders.  And…your leaders never have that experience without a coach or mentor modeling it for them.

What do you think?  Have a question?  Want to argue?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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