What To Do When You Can’t Meet in Your Auditorium

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Here's the question everyone is asking right now:

What should we do if we can't meet in our auditorium?

Right? Is that the question you're asking?

Or hearing?

Although this is a developing story, here's our solution right now:

We just announced that we will not hold weekend services for the next three weekends and hope to resume weekend services on April 4/5.

We are communicating via email, our website and social media channels that the church isn’t a building. The church is God’s people gathered. It might be a Life Group. It might be your family or an extended family. Might be a neighborhood group. And it might be a worship gathering in an auditorium.

The church is God’s people gathered.

Further, at each of our normal worship times for the next three weekends, we’ll be releasing an online worship experience designed to be engaged with a small group. For those who aren’t a part of one of our Life Groups, we're  encouraging everyone to gather with family and friends to experience the service together. It’s also a great time to invite your friends who don’t go to church to join you!

In order to encourage the best experience possible, we're providing some direction for a small group experience (i.e., a simple guide to take communion at home and 3 or 4 discussion questions to further engage with the teaching content and encourage next steps.

Here's a link to our response at Canyon Ridge

What's next? Who knows! As the COVID-19 story develops there will almost certainly be other moves to make.

One thing we can be certain of...this is an opportunity for the church to be God's people gathered, impacting all of the faces in all of the places we go.

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