What’s Better? Rows or Circles?

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Circles are better than rows.

I'd say that statement has kind of swept the small group ministry world in the last few years. In fact, it has probably replaced the line that "the optimal environment for life-change is a small group."

Both good statements. Circles are better than rows has an edge to it. If you can see what I did there.

And it's a fairly helpful metaphor. Very useful for explaining the advantages a group has over a class.

Turns out I can't get enough of the idea that circles are better than rows...for most things. It's that important. At least to me.

If you've been along for much of this journey, you've probably read many of these. If you're a newer member or infrequent attendee, you might just want to dive in and get the full treatment today!

Here are my top 10 posts on the idea that circles are better than rows:

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