What’s next for me and MarkHowellLive.com

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As many of you know, I left my last active role on a church staff in August of 2021. A set of philosophical differences with an incoming lead pastor just made my brand of small group ministry a poor fit for Canyon Ridge. When that has happened before (two times out of six moves), we were quickly in conversations with a better fit and making plans to move.

This time, probably due to my age accompanied by my own clarity on the kind of church and the kind of role which would be a better fit, when there wasn't another opportunity on the near horizon, I resigned and made plans to move to Texas where our children and grandkids were.

Certainly didn't intend for the local church staff part of ministry to end there, but sometimes when a door closes the window that opens is unexpected and even in disguise.

I'm currently doing a limited amount of coaching/consulting. All of my current engagements have been the result of longstanding relationships with other likeminded churches in need of the kind of help brought by a strategic outsider with fresh eyes. 

Note: If you'd like to talk about my availability as a consultant or coach, please don't hesitate. You can Email Me right here.

Regarding my writing at MarkHowellLive.com, as you know, I’ve always said “I am not a theorist, I am a practitioner” and without an active role it’s been hard to continue writing new content adding to my over 2500 articles available. While that may change, at the moment I'm continuing to mine my archives for timely articles that need to be revisited.

Finally, we are doing great in the place we're calling home. If you follow me on FaceBook or Instagram, you already know we've taken Charlie's Craft BBQ to new level and it's providing some extra income and even a new angle for personal ministry. 

P.S. Don't be a stranger! Always want to help if I can and you can Email Me right here.

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