What’s on my list to try in 2018 (that might change our ministry trajectory)?

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I began this brain dump yesterday. Hope the idea I shared yesterday will help you with something to try in 2018.

Today I wanted to share another couple things we'll be trying in hopes that these ideas will help get your own innovative juices flowing.

Remember, the important thing to remember is,

"If you want to reach people no one else (including you) is reaching, you've got to do things no one else is doing. " Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel's insight is important because it illustrates so well the idea that if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten.

Per Andy Stanley, "Your ministry is perfectly designed to produce the results you are already experiencing."

The net? If you want different results, you've got to change your design (i.e., add a completely different tactic, leverage a clearer understanding of the needs and interests of unconnected people, etc.).

With that, here are two more things we're trying in 2018 to connect wider and farther and disciple deeper:

First, we've developed an individual resource that will be used in groups (both formal and organic). The resource (a mash-up between a personal growth booklet and journal will help Canyon Ridgers (and their friends) take steps in 4 spiritual areas we'll be emphasizing in '18 (at least).

Our mission statement says, "Join Jesus, Bring Life, to everyone, everywhere, and every day."

The essence of this resource is that we're given life by God so we can bring life to others.

The resource is not a group curriculum, but it does contain a one-time group discussion guide that can be used to share with others what steps we've chosen to take in the upcoming season.

Just like we've done every year in the fall, we'll be encouraging Ridgers to consider doing 4LIFE with a couple friends. During a message series in February we'll make 4LIFE kits available to pick up at 4LIFE Central just outside the auditorium at all sites. The kit will be easy to use. Participants will complete a very simple registration card giving us their email address so we can send them practical steps to help them begin, continue and complete the first step of the journey.

In addition, our February Life Group Connection will launch groups whose first 6 weeks together will include the 4LIFE resource (we'll actually be using North Point's Circle Up to form these groups: see yesterday's post for more).

Finally, our existing groups will receive coaching and instruction on how to incorporate the 4LIFE resource into their group experience.

I believe this will be be a game-changer and can't wait to begin.

Second, we're in the early stages of developing and deploying a church-wide leadership pipeline and pathway. We're anticipating that we'll be in pilot mode by fall, 2018. The pipeline we're developing will help develop our existing, already identified leaders and help identify new leaders as entry opportunities are launched.

Canyon Ridge has long taught that we're all called to be salt and light wherever we live and work. Referred to as the 7 pillars of society (education, family, arts and science, media, government, church, and business), our engagement in them and with them will make transformation possible in all.

The church as the locus of leadership development (see Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck's Designed to Lead for more) will inform our leadership pipeline's potential and the wide net we cast, inviting interested Ridger's to step into the pipeline.

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